O Canada

I had my first ever business trip for an international TESOL conference in Toronto Canada where I presented along with three of my colleagues on how to resuscitate your listening and speaking classes.  And by ‘business trip’ I mean it was nearly entirely paid for- flight, hotel and most food. I had to buy my […]

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Traveler’s Remorse

Travelers’ Remorse It happens, usually about two beers in, where I feel myself forgetting the things I think I should do and become content with just doing what I am doing. I guess it is a ‘be here now moment’. So much of traveling, especially mine where I am rather certain I will not return […]

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Z is for Zumba

We have finally come to the end of the A-Z challenge. I am so happy to have completed my second challenge. It feels good. However, I think it will feel even better to get back to my novel, This Story Takes Place in a Bar. I spent the past weekend in Colorado Springs at The […]

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Y is for Yacht

It doesn’t have to be a yacht, I guess, but some sort of sailing vessel to take me on a trip around the world. This bucket list item feels the most like a pipedream. I do not know how to sail, but I can learn. I envision sailing around the world stopping wherever I please, […]

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X is for Xanadu

Dictionary.com defines Xanadu as ‘a place of great beauty, luxury and contentment.’ Whose bucket list isn’t that on? I think we all just might call it something different. I’ve already discovered several of my Xanadu’s. The nearly empty beach on Vieques, Puerto Rico where I can sit for hours in the sun listening to the […]

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W is for Whale Shark

I think it’s every diver’s dream to dive with a whale shark. It’s most certainly mine. As the largest extant fish species, its average length is 46 feet. 46 feet! It can weight up to 15 tons. It is rather docile, and it is quite common, once finding one, to swim along with it. Talk […]

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V is for Vendimia

While living in Chile I became great friends with twin brothers, Esteban and Luis. We have kept in close touch since I left over 10 years ago now. I visited Esteban in Canada when he went there to study, returned once to Chile and traveled around with him a bit and showed Luis around when […]

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